Marigold Decor was born out of a combination of two huge inspirations in my life. First and foremost was my passion for interior design and decor. Since I was 16, I have loved decorating and creating warm and welcoming environments for everyone to enjoy. Making a room or space inviting is what makes it feel like home, and I love being part of that process. I have always wanted to have my own business in the design industry, but never had enough courage to take the leap.

That is, until October of 2020. I was in the middle of my final year of college when I gave birth to my daughter, Amaya. She became the inspiration and strength I needed to pursue my dreams. Soon after her arrival, I began to realize it can be difficult to balance motherhood, work, social life and finding time for myself. 

When I graduated with my degree in business administration and became a certified interior designer, I started to brainstorm possibilities for a creative outlet to make decorating interiors easier while still prioritizing quality and style. I wanted to combine something that met my new lifestyle needs with my passions. Thus, Marigold Decor was born. 

The marigold is the flower for the month of October, Amaya’s birthday. The marigold is also a symbol that is used all over the world to celebrate life’s milestones: marriage, success, holidays, and, of course, family and children. I used the symbol of the marigold to refer to my inspiration along with the passion for easy home decorating in spaces where life’s milestones can be celebrated.

Marigold Decor’s signature product is our decor bundles. Each bundle offers a collection of premium, curated decor items that makes decorating a more simple and streamlined process. There are bundles for every home space and occasion, as well as a number of product add-ons, and the opportunity to fully create your own bundle, to meet your custom decorating needs with ease.

There is such a stigma around young moms and the personal sacrifices they make in order to provide for their children. I took the hesitation to pursue my dreams and turned it into motivation. Marigold Decor is here to make at least one aspect of making a life for you and your family just a little bit easier, without sacrificing style or quality.

-Founder Allie Jankowski