Elevation Adds Dimension And Pops Your Design

 Take your coffee table from bare and ordinary to stylish and beautiful! A design mistake that is commonly made, is finding great pieces to put in your decor arrangements, but skimping on  accessorizing and elevating those pieces. 
One of the first things I learned in design school was the importance of elevation and dimension.  To achieve both, you should add some height to some of your core pieces by placing a few books beneath them.  By creating different elevations, each core statement piece plays a key role and builds to that WOW factor.
Next, add some greenery to give your table a pop of organic and seasonal color. You can use a Floral Candle Ring like I did…garland works too.
The last step is to add finishing touches to create a consistent look.  These accessories will be used in those bare spots that you feel may be missing something.  I placed some natural wood garland around the glass bottle neck vase to add some dimension and texture.
Accessorizing around different elevations pulls the look together, creating a visually pleasing aesthetic you’ll be proud to show off!

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