Hello 2023!

Happy New Year!


I can’t believe I’m even saying that!  2022 has flown by, and thanks to you, I finished my first full year as a business owner!  I learned a ton.  I will take everything I learned last year to make your Marigold experience better.   With Amaya turning 2 in October, we’re in the middle of the terrible two’s for sure.  She’s such a light in my life but loves to remind me she’s a toddler every chance she gets.  She is in several therapies a week to help her with her Autism challenges and we’re so excited to see her progress.  While she’s non-verbal, she still says so much with some key signs such as: open, more, all done, and thank you. Amaya has some of the best therapists that do an incredible job teaching her and my family so much!  She loves to play chase, anything outside and using my head and stomach as her personal jungle gym.  She especially loves getting wrapped up in my long hair.  Her ya-ya (my mom) is her hero and go-to person for everything, especially if she wants to be held.  Ya-ya never says no!  I’m so thankful for my parents, who are a great support system, as I establish my business and raise Amaya.


I’d love to hear from you!  Are there any items you’d like to see me carry?  My mom and I are heading to the Atlanta market next week to buy our merchandise for the year.  We’re thinking about offering some new products such as homemade candles and gifts. Comment below what you want to see from us this year!


I really can’t thank you enough for supporting Marigold and look forward to seeing what 2023 will bring!



Allie (and Amaya)

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