Marigold Decor 101: The Bundle

Everyone deserves to have a space in their home where they can relax

and unwind. A room, spot on the couch, even a nook or cranny where you can press pause for a bit. That space should feel welcoming, charming and comforting.

With all of life’s daily needs and the world’s seemingly constant state of disorganization, it can be hard to prioritize decorating your space. Putting the finishing touches on your space should not be a stressful task. Shopping for decor on it’s own can be overwhelming — it takes time, you want to make sure everything matches and fits your goal aesthetic, not to mention what it costs. This is why I created the decor bundle in order to eliminate some of those stressors.

The Marigold Decor bundle has all the decor elements needed to create a beautifully put together piece that completes any space. I use a simple decorating formula to create these bundles. I begin with a base — most often I use trays, runners, even books or a placemat. I then choose 3 to 5 additional decor pieces that vary in size and function — a string of wooden beads, a lantern, candle sticks, candles etc. Finally, I complete the look with greenery and other accents to fill any empty space and pull all the elements together to create a beautiful centerpiece. 

Each step of this process takes texture, material, color and several other design elements into account to create a dynamic piece that completes a space. The best thing about the decor bundle? It works year round! Elements can be changed out seasonally while easily keeping the integrity of the original function — to decorate your home.

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