The Love of Lavender; More than Just a Beautiful Scent

Calming Lavender, our best-selling signature candle features a velvety, comforting scent that adds a peaceful aroma to any home. Our inspiration behind choosing this as Marigold Décor’s signature candle scent is its specific calming benefits to children on the autism spectrum, inspired by my daughter Amaya’s ASD diagnosis. Although it has properties that benefit everyone, studies have shown that lavender can help regulate over-excitement in the brain, help calm autism anxiety, and aid in mood regulation for autistic children.

1. Sleep Aid:

Many people have trouble shutting down from their crazy lives when it's time for bed. Lavender has natural sedative properties that can help ease stress and anxiety, paving the way for a peaceful night's sleep.

2. Sensory Serenity:

Life's pressures can feel like a storm, but lavender is a gentle anchor that can steady us. Its calming influence reduces stress levels, offering a mindful pause in the chaos.

3. Healing Touch:

Beyond fragrance, lavender is a healer. Lavender oil contains natural anti-inflammatory properties and can work wonders on burns, soothing both the body and the soul.

4. Nature's Mood Enhancer:

A whiff of lavender can turn a gloomy day into a sunlit afternoon. Its mood-boosting properties chase away the blues, leaving you with a sense of optimism. In a fast-paced world, lavender stands as a fragrant friend, inviting us to slow down, inhale deeply, and appreciate life's simple joys. Let's celebrate the sweet symphony this delightful herb brings to our lives!

Our Calming Lavender signature candle even supports charity with 20% of sales from each candle being donated to Autism Tennessee.

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